View Full Version : Email Spam

04-19-2006, 01:44 AM
To the user who accused us of spam and/or selling/giving his email address away:
1. We don't. PERIOD. We hate spam as much as everyone else. The ONLY thing your email address is used for is for system messages and private message notification, and you can turn both of those options off.
2. We require registration, but we don't use a forced confirmation system, so you DON'T EVEN HAVE TO USE YOUR REAL EMAIL ADDRESS.
3. We don't have a warning about selling/giving your email address away because we DON'T sell or give your email address away.
4. Email addresses for users aren't displayed on the site, and there isn't any way to even force your own email to display unless you actually list it in a forum post.

In short, the source of your spam isn't us. In fact, it's possible that there isn't a "source" at all. You may simply be the victim of a dictionary spammer.

If you had bothered to use your real email address in the contact us form instead of "Anddontbegentle@upyours.com". I probably could have helped you track down the source of the spam (at least to an IP range)