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09-24-2006, 01:27 PM
Ok, please forgive me if I am the 1 millionth person to ask this question...
I have a problem being able to the resize my maps in game. The higher I set my resolution the smaller the maps appear. I generally run at 1600x1200 but would like to go higher.

I can resize the actual map ui window just fine, but the map within it stays the same size. All other functions of the map ui window work just fine, zooming, sliding the viewable portion of the map etc. I use the standard map pack from Mapfiend (god bless it). Is there an ini file somewhere that will allow me to set the size of the map withing the map window ui mod? Has anyone else expirienced this issue?

Mannus Mindraider, Enchanter
Wraiths of Destruction