View Full Version : question about downloading maps making eq2 reinstall everything?

11-24-2010, 09:48 PM
so this is what i did i click download all then i redownloaded all of them one by one then i cut and pasted EVERYTHING under the everquest file except all the folders and pasted it under map...now i try and rerun eq1 and now after all of this its tkaing liek 3 hrs or somthing to download...

now im ok with all this cause im about to sleep so ill let it all rerun.. BUT

am i going to have the maps or am i gonna have to freaking redownload them all? if so would anyone mind assisting me


if you remeber me from the old days i was in council of dragons my character names were ocean czitall taralia calacirya skinebones and ocean....i was tight with galamoth and friends with alot of people from The Mystical order... so if you recognize me send me a in game name im just repicking up the game after 5 years of not playing...my account age is april 17 1999 so im a orignal :) ---that msg was meant just to meet new people and possible old old friends not to brag ty for reading my post appreciate all the help i can get