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10-12-2010, 09:26 AM
*** Highlights ***

Adventurers in the Feerrott have noticed a statue on the banks of the Greenblood river. Touching this statue transports them to a strange version of the Feerrott, one that appears to contain something new... what lies within the House of Thule?
All EverQuest players can now enjoy larger backpacks and new inventory features!
House of Thule owners may now enjoy the new player housing feature!
House of Thule owners now have two more base inventory slots!
Added an additional experience bonus for grouping with other players. Mercenaries will not add this new bonus. Each additional player added to a group will add a higher bonus up to the group maximum. A group of six players will receive approximately 22% more experience per kill than a group made of three players and three mercenaries.

*** Player Housing ***

For House of Thule owners EverQuest now has player housing! To shop for a nice plot of land to own, find the new wing of the guild lobby and talk to Anna. Clicking on the gate will allow you to select a neighborhood.
You can own up to two plots, with a house on each one.
Different houses may be purchased from vendors that offer different amounts of housing item and non-housing item space.
There are lots of items for housing to acquire both in-game and on the marketplace-furniture, tradeskill stations, pets, art, architectural pieces, and more!
Use your house as extra storage space!
Find trophies to place in your yard or house that grant stat benefits like tribute effects.
Show off your creativity in decorating to your friends and guild-mates.
Look for a detailed article on EQPlayers that explains the new housing features in-depth.

*** Inventory Improvements ***

The fabric of reality has been altered and now backpacks are no longer limited to 10 slots.
Bag windows are now re-sizeable and can be locked in place.
There is a new bindable key available to toggle all inventory bags.
Empty bags can now be placed in other bags.
CTRL-left click now drops an item into a bag without opening it.
CTRL-right click now swaps the contents of two bags if a bag is on your cursor and you ctrl-right click on another bag.
House of Thule owners get two extra base inventory slots.

*** Items ***

Brellium Tokens can now be traded.

*** Quests & Events ***

When other players enter Underfoot raid instances, you will no longer see replies from the NPCs they speak to.
The missions given by Old Man McKenzie will no longer offer experience. This may change in the future.

*** Spells ***

The indoor-only restriction for movement spells has been removed.
Enchanter Twincast Aura will now enhance DoT damage spells in addition to instant damage spells.
Magician Restricted the Flames of Power effect to spells that cost 10 mana or more. This should mean it is no longer consumed by most procs or spell procs. Rogue Changed the memorization category for Ambush Rk. II and Rk. III to Combat Abilities>Stun to match the functionality of the ability.

*** AA ***

Magician Divine Companion Aura's duration is now correctly fixed at 3 ticks.
Magician and Shaman Hastened Malosinete has been renamed to Quickened Malosinete to stay consistent with naming conventions.

*** Miscellaneous ***

Added the server title for characters created on Trakanon.
Alerynril the Loyal now offers the ability to buy up to three character slots.

*** UI ***

Added mouse over and disabled colors for custom button text.
Added ability to define the tab styles to use stretched (default) or fixed widths.
Made a number of changes to support Real Estates / Housing.
Made a number of changes for the inventory / storage features.
Base inventory slots have been changed to now run left-to-right then top-to-bottom. (Previously it was top-to-bottom then left-to-right.)