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11-24-2009, 02:35 PM
OK. I need to keep this precise. Not lots of conversation.

Basically I am looking at 2 options for the Warrior BP focus in Underfoot.

#1 Putting in a Fortitude duration focus. (+1 tick at group +2 tick at raid) on the BP (NOTE: The same hate amount is on the Tank Face)

#2 Leave the Hate Focus on the BP. (NOTE: The same hate amount is on the Tank Face)

I thought about #1 because focus on face and BP is redundant. They do not stack. So, I wanted to give you guys something ELSE for your BP so you have additional usefulness on your BP.

So the pro is you get additional usefulness on your BP, the con is you have to work a little harder to get your focus. One thing to note. "Essences" are *not* guaranteed in Underfoot. You cannot go to mob X or raid X and know that you are guaranteed a chest essence. There will be NPC's and Raids where it is more likely you will get it, but it is NOT guaranteed. So the gap in difficulty is not as large as you might think.

A few players in beta are saying it unacceptable to have to work a little harder to get that focus, while some seem to like the idea of getting the extra usefulness on the BP.

So I want to get a wider opinion.

Please, just choose between the two options. We are not having a discussion that they hate mod should be higher. It is where it is going to be. So the question more is... do you want to see #1 or #2?

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