View Full Version : Layer 2 - Labels

07-25-2006, 11:13 PM
As you have probably noticed, the maps currently up are missing a lot of the labels that used to be on the maps.

Hopefully by this weekend that will be resolved. At the very least, a download for layer 2 files will be available that will contain all of the labels for each zone. I have the complete list of all of the labels for each zone that have ever been uploaded, I am just going through and deleting all duplicate entries at this time.

Sorry for any issues this may have caused, it will be resolved soon.


On a related subject, we will soon be giving the users the chance to click an ADD LOC button and add a location to a map. While it would be great to be able to trust users not to add bogus locations, that just isn't possible and all additions will have to be reviewed. For obvious reasons I can not do that all myself and I am looking for a couple of people to help with it. Moderators / admins / whatever you want to call yourself. The work is tedious, the hours are long and the pay sucks, what else could you want?

If you think it is something you might be interested in doing, send me a pm or email and we could discuss it. Thanks!