View Full Version : Re:Test server: /resetaa + New Tanaan Crafting Mastery = ???

07-27-2009, 08:52 AM
Divoran wrote:

For those of you who don't know on the Test server there is a command (/resetaa) which un-buys all your aas, making all total points available for redistribution: my question is, as a master artisan will all my skills revert to 200 upon using that command? Upon zoning if I have not re-purchased the aas? Upon camping? Any help with how this bit of game mechanics works would be dearly appreciated.

the "worst" it would do is treat you like a cheater... not allowing you to zone. I am not sure the cheater code checks tradeskills Re-buying the AA's would of course solve that. It is very possible that the cheater code ignores tradeskill AA's because of this possibility.

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