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07-27-2009, 08:52 AM
isaiah655 wrote:

Dev-Ngreth wrote:

Abazzagorath wrote:

If they made a new version it shouldn't require the old one. Most of us deleted those years ago.

A type 3 shoulder slot only aug does sound cool though.

Come. We know I am not that nice.

We know.

That aside, what about an upgraded version of a Coldain Prayer Shawl. It's not like we're asking for a whole line of epics as this would be one item for ALL classes, not sixteen items.

But you know better than we do what's involved in the Coldain Prayer Shawl quest, and how much work it amounts to. So...how about it, Ngreth? We know it's possible, but is it a reasonable project to ask you to undertake? I'd do it. I would have done the old quest if it weren't capped at 65, as I joined EQ when the level cap was seventy. So...Ngreth, whaddaya say? I'd do it. I'd even join beta to test it for you...although the thought of doing Beta makes my skin crawl.

I want to do it.

I cannot promise it at this time.

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