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07-25-2009, 10:11 PM
Mnesis wrote:

I'm still pushing this idea. Why? Because spammers will create a new character just about every time they want to run an ad, making spam filters according to name useless.

Yes, useless. The idea you present is useless.

If you click a phrase and block it, then it doesn't matter how many chatracters they create, every time the charcater says a string including the blocked element, the entire string the character says gets blocked.

Even better, put the filter on the client side. Make it so we can edit a .ini file, and every string in the .ini file comes up as clickable on our screens for filtering purposes... OR every string in the .ini file is automatically blocked as spam.

The spam filtering currently in place DOES filter the phrase. Though the name is a factor as well. Most of the filtering is done on the actual phrase that is reported as spam.

The system works very well. It's been running just fine in EQ2 for a couple of years.

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