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07-23-2009, 03:10 PM
Email wrote:

Easy solution on a "per tool" basis (yeah it requires new recipes for every tool that exists, but only that recipe plus the additional "learned recipe space" but I think you'll like this solution).

Combine the tool in a tradeskill container with nothing else (no fail), and a recipe is added to your recipe list and that item poofs from the tradeskill container.

What is the ingredient in the new recipe that is added? Coin of course, the resell value of that tradeskill item rounded to the next highest plat. You cannot put coin directly into a tradeskill container; therefore, the recipe list is the only way to get that tool back and have the proper coin deducted from your character.

Does that seem viable?

Currently trade-skills absolutely require at least one item (not coin) or it fails.

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