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07-23-2009, 01:20 PM
Cyrz wrote:

Dev-Ngreth wrote:

2. A secondary idea would be a hybrid versions of the spellbook. Instead of scribing spells.. you place tools into the various slots and essentially it scribes a spell with the ability to summon that item into your book. Whenever you need the item, you open up your book and click the gem of the scribed item to summon it back into existence.

Ah. You have good thoughts of people. There are people out there, that as soon as they know they can make something to allow them to infinitely cast something that makes money, gold farmers, and macro quest people will be right on it.

We currently have no way to "alter" the state of

Since I can make combines with augmented gear (a la upgrading SoD armor), I assume the tradeskill code ignores augments.

Could you add a hidden augment slot (Similiar to Epic 2.0/2.5) to tradeskill skills, and have the spell Summon: Smithing Hammer summon a hammer with the hidden augment- The hidden augment makes it No Drop.

That is, assuming the spell can summon items with an augment, without requiring a code change. Which, it probably does, and that's why you didn't mention this idea.

How this would work with Melee is still up in the air.

I can do that with a "fake" spell, and a right click script.

But I *think* that there are issues with augments in a combine. I would have to research it further.

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