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07-22-2009, 08:23 AM
Gnomereaper wrote:

What about a swiss army knife item, and then making new receipes that use that instead of the other tool through a massive code thingie miwhacker that mass do it when you're at home asleep?


Flaying Knife+Skin=Some other lower quality skin

Swiss Army Knife+Skin=Some other lower quality skin

Then just mass replace xth item in the reciepe system with xth item with them both existing by copying all of the first receipe twice and then altering the copy?

Or else let me guess, it can't be done.

That has the same issue of duplicating a huge amount of recipes. It can be done. it would take me about a week and a huge amount of QA resources. So doable, but not efficient. And it has the "double recipe" effect on the player I mentioned before, making it a bit harder on the player finding the correct recipe and "filling" their recipe space faster.

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