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07-21-2009, 08:51 AM
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I was looking at my bank the other day trying to find some space. I noticed that I have at least 3 bags full of various tradeskill related tools. Pans.. needles.. boxes .. sewing kits.. hammers.. gem cutter etc.. all of this is stuff I want to keep so I don't have to go hunt it down again when it's needed. Here are 3 ideas of ways to condense tradeskill tools.

1. How about a vendor like the SOD quest guy in the guild lobby who just buys and holds tradeskill tools for the player? This way, players can go and fetch tools they need and when their done.. sell them back.

That NPC works on "flags" there are not flags that have to do with tradeskill tools. Not saying they cannot be made. This is *not* a quick and easy task. I would expect a few days of work.

2. A secondary idea would be a hybrid versions of the spellbook. Instead of scribing spells.. you place tools into the various slots and essentially it scribes a spell with the ability to summon that item into your book. Whenever you need the item, you open up your book and click the gem of the scribed item to summon it back into existence.

Ah. You have good thoughts of people. There are people out there, that as soon as they know they can make something to allow them to infinitely cast something that makes money, gold farmers, and macro quest people will be right on it.

We currently have no way to "alter" the state of an item the way you say without making duplicate items (either to change the no trade flag, or change the value of the item. Atunable does not work for your suggestion either.). Duplicate items - duplicate recipes for every recipe that uses one of those... and even worse on recipes with multiple tools, because now there has to be a recipe for every combination of the multiple items.

Additionally there is a minor code change involved. Code changes are out of my hands.

3. Third idea.. a tool belt type item. This would essentially be a type of tool condensor or toolbelt if you prefer. The player adds tradeskill tools to the toolbelt and it in turn contains a list of tools that have been added. So the player has this toolbelt and then whenever he needs.. lets say a gnomish hammer.. he instead puts the toolbelt into the tradeskill container in place of the hammer and as long as said tool has been added to the toolbelt.... blamo.. recipe works and of course.. the toolbelt is always returned for every recipe. The beauty of this is.. some recipes that require multiple tools would work just fine as well. No more digging around trying to find a specific tool.

Major code change, along with massive data change.

Food for thought...



Ok, the deeppockets guy works on flags... how about a NPC in the guild hall instance zone that works like him, but for spells and tomes... he'd have all the spells/tomes available to be deposited/sold that are not notrade... but his flag would be 0- none to offer, and then 1-30 (number of copies being held for the guild that anyone can get)... this would free up a lot of bank space for guilds holding spells/tomes in their main bank, and if it went with ALL spells except nodrop ones... then there's room for older spells people might be saving/hoarding... probably a lot of coding mess there, as far as getting the spells available, ect, but an idea... like a guild librarian... anything that is meant to be banker only, ect would be in the guild bank... whereas this one is meant as a free passing out of knowledge to guildmembers, but only what's been donated to him from the guild members...

Would have to come up with a new "point". Also. flags are character based not guild based at this point :/

More... (http://forums.station.sony.com/eq/posts/list.m?topic_id=153139&post_id=2245302#2245302)