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07-17-2009, 08:18 AM
golfaholic wrote:

Asking what I asked in the other post (directed at Ngreth).

For the code fix that you had put in - was the intention to simply curb the amount of damage done by each of the potions or was the fix intended to make the potions only viable against like level mobs or lower?

For instance Spider Bite VI now is resisted in content that it was not being resisted before. I understand the need for the different level potions not to do as high damage as they used to when the bug was in place where it was using the players level for calculating damage amount but, for them to now be mostly resisted - I am not sure if that was intended.

Ngreth - can you comment on this? Is your goal that if a potion says level 40 on it then it is intended to be used on level 40 or lower NPCs ?


It was always intended that you use the XV (level 85) poisson against level 85 opponents, not the VI (level 40). And the damage CERTAINLY was not intended to be as high as it was.

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