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07-15-2009, 04:03 PM
Ishtass wrote:

A better or more professional response is: I'm sorry you disliked the current choice of hotzones. Some people are inclined to dislike any choices and while you are unsatisfied with our current selection, this is only a temporary hotzone list, as these are periodically changed. I hope you are more satisfied with our next selection.

Actually.. that's very close to my initial post on this subject, referenced on the 1st page of this very thread. And yeah.. I got caught in a moment of frustration. I'm human. It happens. I can only strive to not let it happen again.

The theme of this set of hot zones was "Ice/Cold". The zones were picked keeping this theme in mind. Kael and Western Wastes were both areas I personally xp'd in when I was leveling up my original character, so they seemed fitting. The list is never going to be perfect, and won't please everyone.

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