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07-14-2009, 03:12 PM
XxXErosXxX wrote:

This may be my issue as well. I have been experiencing random system lock-ups (my entire computer locks up or freezes, no response to anything except a RESET) since the last patch on 2009.07.09. This only happens when playing EQ, and it does not matter what I am doing (happened a few times just sitting in Guild Hall chatting in /gu). The last few nights I have been unable to play for more than about 5 to 15 minutes at a time before my system locked up.

I have a 2.1 GHz. Athlon purchased in Dec. 2003, rarely ever have any issues or problems. Don't know if it has SSE, don't even know what SSE is.

I swapped out my NVIDIA 7600 GT video board last night and put in a NVIDIA 7600 GS spare, and had no lock-ups for 2 hours afterwards ... don't know if that has any relevance.

Sounds like your video card was having some problems. The SSE issue was VERY obvious. You couldn't even run the game at all. It crashed immediately. It has since been fixed.

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