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07-14-2009, 12:00 PM
Saroc_Luclin wrote:

The idea of multiple quests for the Live Quest was OK, but there needed to be more variety in what the actual quests were. My team had less fun at the live quest than we normally did, partly because I think we were the ones who got hit by the sacrifice task multiple times. (and the Defeat the boss 3 times).

Maybe have a coin flip to pick between two quests so there isn't as many duplicated tasks between quest givers. We didn't get any Trivia or Scavenger Hunt quests, and that definitely lessened our enjoyment.

I also mentioned this last year, but IMO, the Live Quests really should have multiple tiers of winners. From what I could tell, the EQ Live quest had about 20 groups participating in it. With that many people (200+), it would have been nice to have seen 3 sets of rewards acknowledged. (Sure if there are only 2-3 teams then only give 1 reward, but that many should have more), even if the awards are as simple as a small medal or station cash or something like that.

Finally, the last beef I had with the Live Quest was the fact that all 10 of the quest givers were in the same big room. Vanguard's live quest was going on out in the hallway; it would have been nice to have mixed them up a bit just to spread the groups out more. (The small size of Bally's convention area probably contributed to this I'm sure).

About the rest of the Fan Faire, we had a good time overall. I've got some beefs with the Final Dinner, and how hard it was to try and find multiple tables for large groups. (We had 15 people there, too many for a single table). If you won't do assigned seating then maybe let people make AND PLACE the table signs early would be a good idea.

The panels were good and as informative (and uninformative) as always. http://www.mapfiend.net/eq/images/smilies/3b63d1616c5dfcf29f8a7a031aaa7cad.gif

The Station Store needs more items. Especially the small things like pins and pens and hats and such. I was disappointed that there wasn't any 10th Anniversary items other than the coffee table Book and the note book. You guys really need to get more of those really nice 5$ Pins. I always pick up a set for my badge each year, but I know there are a lot of classes and servers and such that are missing. Plus I'm sure the non-EQ games would like to have those bigger pins if they could get them.

Oh and Finally, about the Fan Faire itself, my biggest disappointment... Where was the Cake? It was EQ's 10th Birthday, and the first (really only) chance for Fans to celebrate with other fans and the SOE staff. I would have thought a cake would have been a no-brainer to have there. (And even though I can't make it to the Block Party in San Diego, you'll probably want to have a cake there too for those fans that can make it)
Live Quest - The tasks were balanced out to increase the changes of doing certain tasks at least once. Some of the tasks, like Sacrifice a group member had different methods to do so. Unfortunately, there were some missing prop items so we had to keep them similar. If I do the random thing again, it will be a little bit different. I already started working on next year's quest and its already different and more balanced *grin*. Regarding the rewards, in the past we had complaints when one game's quest had 3 placements and others just had 1. We're working on some ideas for this for next year though.

Tables - Letting people place signs on tables never works out. We use to place signs on the tables early, however, people would remove the signs. When you're dealing with a mass amount of people like that, its impossible to keep that from happening. We provide signs so that people can place their own signs but its based on a first come first serve case. If people have larger groups, they need to arrive early enough to get in there before others.

Station Store - We've been increasing what we provide at the Station Store.

Cake - I'm not sure why there wasn't a cake. I'll bring it up.

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