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07-14-2009, 08:50 AM
isaiah655 wrote:

Nolrog wrote:

isaiah655 wrote:

Okay...since the previous suggestions have been shot down, how about a tinkered "Swiss Army Knife." This item could be coded to replace many, many items in tradeskill combines. Say the dairy spoon, the gem cutter, the file, the scissors, the needle, etc.
Unfortunately, the way that EQ works right now, Ngreth would have to create a new recipe to use with the new Army Knife. There's no way, as far as I know, that he can say, this recipe can use x or y or z and all are valid. This recipe uses X. This recipe uses Y. This recipe uses Z.

He couldn't, for instance, just pull up all combines that use "Gem cutter" and then copy and paste them all, and replace "Gem cutter" with "Swiss Army Knife"?

Why not? It works with containers. Collapsible Jewel's Kit, for instance, now can be used for jewelry combines that couldn't before.

I could. It is still not a small amount of work. It is also prone to errors, and is a LARGE amount of testing. It also clutters up peoples containers... you will now have two recipes for many things.

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