View Full Version : Re:Does EQ no longer Employ Programmers?

07-13-2009, 10:20 AM
And when we think something is worth the time of our coders, we do present it.

It is just, *I* personally , and any other Designer (Elidroth, Aritsto, Absor, Rytan, Raramor, and others I am missing or don't post) cannot actually make the code change. We have to request it, and it gets put on the schedule. Rytan can of course push to alter the schedule, but doing so will push something else.

Some code changes are minor. Some are huge time consumers, and not likely to get done. Some things that would seem *simple* are horribly complex dues to the age and complexity of the EQ code. (some things that would seem horribly complex are also only medium complex, and some simple things ARE simple)

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