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07-13-2009, 10:20 AM
DariusIV wrote:

What about a new UI ? Something players have been begging for years for. You can go to a 3rd party website and download any number of programs (FOR FREE) which are for the most part far superior to the default UI which I find to be unplayable.

No other game I have played has forced me to do take this action.

Not a small task.


Look at those sites. No majority of players will agree on what the "best" is. There are groups of players loyal to a particular one, but in the end... no mater what we do, there will still be a "majority" who do not like it.

Do not take this as we do not want to change our UI. We do. It is just a monumental task.

And come on. There are sites exactly like you are talking about... for every MMO that allows UI changes like EQ and EQII do. Including the big "everything about it is perfect" WoW... huge amounts of people download UI changes for WoW (doesn't sound that perfect!)

I am not saying other games do not have better UI, I am not saying EQ's is horrible. Just saying, it is in no way unique to EQ.

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