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07-11-2009, 10:50 PM
Ozlaar wrote:

Zone revamps have no effect on me one way or another. I would much rather you spend your time on making new char models then revamping zones that very few people will use. What would be a win/win for the players and SOE would be adding new char models and new armor that make each char look different. SOE would keep it's player base and would add to it by people coming back to EQ. We the players would love it because it would make our char's stand out from each other. Yes I know not everyone would like the new models and a few might even leave, but isn't that the samething as we have now? Almost everyone I have talked to ingame dislikes the current models and a few have left for newer games just because of the char models. I believe more people would come back to EQ then we would loose. Let's face it EQ is still the best game out there. No other game can beat the content, the people, or even our Dev's. It's just that our char models need a major upgrade!

Just a note about character models vs zone art. The skills required to do character models/animations are very different than those required for zone/environmental art, and they are mostly done by different people who are specialized to those fields.

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