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07-10-2009, 07:11 PM
Tethrindaen_UK wrote:

You're confusing a requirement for equipment variety with a requirement for a new set of models.

If the major concern here is the desire to see more variety between players, different looks to armour, different robe graphics, then new models aren't required - Dev time would be much better spent fixing the Velious armour to work on Luclin models and then build upon the variety the Velious armour began. Compare the effort required to undertake this task with the effort required to introduce a brand new set of race models, and there's no contest.

Aristo - no to new models, yes to fixing Velious armour to work on Luclin models. Yes to expanding on the variety already gifted by previous Velious designers.

As expensive and time-consuming as new models would be, a full set of completely new PC models would still take less time and money than adding new armor sets to the Luclin models, and we still wouldn't be able to do things like capes, hats, or other character attachments.

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