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07-08-2009, 11:23 AM
Unmei wrote:

Dev-Ngreth wrote:

The issue is... we do not want to replace a mages ability with something. I will ask the team though.

(in the end, **IF** this idea is followed... it may be a charged item that summons non stacking items, that can be given)

The only mage ability this "replaces" is the level 1: Summon Dagger and I suppose the slightly higher level Summon: Fang All other mage summoned weapons have some sort of bonus to them that would make them preferable to use in a situation where they are available. Considering that this will almost certainly cost MONEY, the mage summoned items will still be preferable because they are "free".

As Isaiah has already stated, there are no issues with giving two stackable weapons to a pet - they will wield both of them.

This seems like an easy "niche" item that could be made by tradeskillers that some people would use. I don't see any reason not to consider it unless you've already got so many good tradeskill ideas that you won't have time to make recipes for them all. There's certainly no reason to complicate matters with some goofy 'summon stabby dagger' clicky. Just allow people to make stabby daggers with smithing. Set the trivial somewhere around 100, make them cost about as much as it costs to make a piece of banded mail, and you're done. You haven't messed up any skillup paths, or altered the economy in any way. If people want to make statless, pet only, stacking daggers for 2-3 plat each before failures, then I see no reason to stop them.

Something I can at least consider. I still want to talk to the team before I do it more.

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