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07-08-2009, 02:49 AM
Kerafyrm has NOT been awakened yet on Mayong.

It's funny.. Kerafyrm was created out of players requests to have an active part in shaping the world. During Kunark, people complained that nothing they did ever truly changed Norrath. So Sleeper's Tomb was created to answer that request. Then, once players were allowed the change the world, suddenly it didn't seem so cool to them anymore. The old addage of "Be careful what you wish for..." comes true yet again.

Also.. 32k/tick is not a limit for anything. I can set something to regen a billion hp per tick if I want.

Kerafyrm was killed on Rallos Zek by over 180 people literally throwing themselves at him for 3 hours.

Do I think it'd be cool if people killed him on Mayong? Sure. Do I think it'll happen? Nope, but I've been wrong before. Regardless, the sleeper was intended to be awakened. People shouldn't complain if someone decides to play the content as it was intended.

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