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07-08-2009, 02:49 AM
Savrok-Stromm wrote:

I hate to complain, but it appears that The Ascent is the L65 hotzone but doesn't have any mobs yellow to a L65 character.

These hot zones were chosen with a theme in mind.. that of Ice.

Something to remind people.. the Hot Zone 'levels' are nothing more than guidelines.. ALL of the zones listed simply have increased ZEMs. If you don't find enough challenge at one area.. move to another. No matter what zones are chosen.. someone always complains that there aren't enough of this.. too much of that.. no undead.. too much undead.. etc etc. The list will never be perfect. I chose The Ascent to try and use something that hadn't really been seen before with the hot zones (Dragons of Norrath).

And before anyone asks.. NO.. I'm not going to make LDON's a Hot Zone set in the future.. lol.

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