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07-07-2009, 04:00 PM
Dharkin wrote:

Please tell me im wrong if I am, but if I understand this, you are using the flaging system to find out if I am eligable for an item, of which I would only have that flag, if I had gotten the item in the first place. What would happen if I destroyed the item before I sold it to him?

The exact system above would obviously not work with normal items, but I am curious why a very loose character ID bound system couldn't be implemented that was entirely seperate from the old system couldn't be created. 'Sell' an item to this new bank system banker (even calll it New Banker), it increments the item ID by one or however many in the stack you 'sold' them. This would be a zeroed out system initialy for everyone, even archived characters. Old items in the old bank would not show up in this new bank. Items would have to moved over.

It's not the flagging system. It's the task system, which can record (if we set the flag on it) all the players that have completed a particular task. If you complete the task and destroy the item, it will show up in Tavid's merchant list (you just won't get the chronobine you'd get for selling the item to him).

In order to use the flagging system for all items, we'd have to add a compound bit (so it can store values higher than 1) to every character for every item ID -- which would probably be close to the complexity of adding more bank space. If nothing else, CS tools would need a fundamental change in order to be able to check 120,000 additional flags...

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