View Full Version : Grid - layer 3

06-28-2006, 04:03 AM
First of all ; if it doesn't take too much of the server's power ; it'd be nice to choose the COLOR of the grid (100, 100, 100 isn't really good for me, I usually set it to 20, 20, 20 ; a nice sneaky grey)
Also, I've edited the Z axe to be higher, so I can simply remove the grid using the height filter and not losing the rest of the map with an high enough filter (so grid at 5000 high and filter showing up -1000 ; +1000) ; that'd be nice to not to have to do that myself everytime I update my maps

Other problem is that is only shows the red X/Y axe ; the HORIZONTAL lines ; but not the vertical ones... So I end up by having nothing looking like a grid.
What I found to fix it is to add ".0000" after each coords, but it's LONG to edit correctly... I guess I could batch something to add .0000 before each comma, then remove it for the color part of it, etc, but it'll still take time and quite hard to predict everything...

I guess it's WAY easier to simply remove all the grids ; but I like to have it in a few zones like chardok or so when I have to head with locs...

(what I meant with this post is that it's not hard, just time consuming, to do all of this once and then everyone get a fixed thing ; way better than doing it on each other's side alot of time)