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06-17-2009, 11:51 AM
Kriyn wrote:

Kriyn wrote:

Since the patch the rogue AA, Cunning Disguise: Troll, no longer stacks with Taelosian Guard. Prior to the patch I could use this AA and Taelosian Guard without any issues. When I logged on to raid on Wednesday I got an error message when I tried casting the AA. After looking up each buff I noticed that this is due to the Troll illusion giving 1hp/tick. This is conflicting I guess with the hp/tick gained from Taelosian Guard. Is there anyway to fix this issue? If this can not be fixed then the AA is useless since most rogues will have that buff up most if not all of the time.

Any info as to if this can be looked at Ngreth? I'm guessing the illusion could have the hp/tick removed so that there is not a confliction in the buffs. I just don't know why there wasn't a problem with these two stacking before, but now after the patch they aren't.

It was not intentional. It is caused by the move of HP to slot 4 which that illusion must share. That said. The click is not likely to change again, because no matter where it is placed it is bound to conflict with something.

I am not sure that the correct move is to remove the HP form the illusion, at least without consulting with rogues more. Admittedly at 1HP most rogues probably do not care http://www.mapfiend.net/eq/images/smilies/3b63d1616c5dfcf29f8a7a031aaa7cad.gif It is also not *my* decision to make.

I can bring it up with Elidroth. For now if you really need to troll illusion you will have to choose.

Note: Sorry, but not every question can be answered. You are welcome to be disappointed, but in the end, it is reality. If we answered every question there would be no development because we would spend all our time on the forums.

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