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06-16-2009, 12:01 PM
Tearsin_Rain wrote:

Dev-Ngreth wrote:

I will definitely be talking to Aristo about lowering the cast time on clicks in the future. I am not saying all will be faster, I am saying we will look into it. We are just not likely to make any more *instant* clicks that are infinite charges (it may go instant on possible charged items)

i can live with that.

like i said, FoD is the only one that i think *really* matters. i have an atk click and a DS click (and, in a rather ironic twist, both of them have a lower cast time than the FoD items) and i really don't care too much about the cast times on those, nor about the cast times on my mana pool and hp/mana regen clickies on my mage alt.

and while 2.0 is within acceptable range (as i said before, i'm not trying to hammer on you about that, it's something i can live with), it just strikes me as weird that the one clicky probably most impacted by cast time is the one with the longest cast time (atk and DS both have 1.0 cast times).

If it was not "random" in the past, it probably was to make such an "important" (read powerful) click have a "bad" part. Something to balance the other side of the scale. "add more power"... "Cost a bit of DPS"

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