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06-16-2009, 11:21 AM
Qulas_Druzzil wrote:

Dev-Ngreth wrote:

Dev-Ngreth wrote:

-Evil-Grendel wrote:

Adornment of the Sapphire Gaze --- --- --- Breath of Selay (II?)
Tyranont Articulation Ring --- --- --- Ellowind's Expansive Mind (II?)

Could it please be possible to chance these to a click effect that is useable by all 4 classes instead of just ranger on these items?

(looking through the list shows that ranger still can get these clicks on other "caster" items instead)

the other classes are not "missing" anything by this being on these items either. It would just be removed... so there is no harm in it being there.

People have been PM'ing me about this saying I did not answer it.

here is the answer.

To reiterate...

Nothing is "lost" by having this on this item. If it was not on this item it would either be "blank" or have a duplicate effect. By having an different effect it does offer something for that "one" class that can use it.

I think what people are trying to say Ngreth is it would be better if it were left blank rather then put an effect only one class could use. If you really felt like adding a click to it, the Might of Stone would be a better option, or leave it blank. Adding effects that only one class can use on the entire item should please not be continued in the future.


Why punish that one class just because the others cannot use it?

More... (http://forums.station.sony.com/eq/posts/list.m?topic_id=151674&post_id=2217719#2217719)