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06-15-2009, 11:34 AM
Grrrrf wrote:

Dev-Ngreth wrote:

Grrrrf wrote:

Another problem that s been spoted is way too many geomantra click are in, most people in my guild are getting 2 or 3 geomantra click on their gear.

For exemple it seems you picked neck as Overhaste click slot, yet the gurwic neck , from rallos return has geomantra.

Probably an oversight.

Overhaste is fingers first, then neck (at least in this incarnation)

ALSO Overhaste is **ONLY** going in the "upgrade" tiers.

Geomantra is ears/neck

Geomantra was placed "after" overhaste... so if you see Geomantra in a spot, it means something was not already in that slot. It never "replaces" anything... it only goes in an "open" slot.

ok fair enough, thanks http://www.mapfiend.net/eq/images/smilies/8a80c6485cd926be453217d59a84a888.gif

Still is too many geomantra click and no enough OH click (which is very popular), gurwic torque would have been a good candidate for it.

Over-haste will continue to be "restricted" and rarer. It is powerful, and will only be on certain tiers and not ALL tiers.

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