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06-10-2009, 11:58 AM
Retron wrote:

Dev-Ngreth wrote:

Fizzles15g wrote:

Knowledge of the Past on Living Crystal ring is bugged atm...showing up as 19 mana regen 15 hp regen while it is listed as 12/8

The description you mean?

I'd suggest the new values are way higher than they should be - or, if it's intended that high-end raiders have 27 mana regen, then the lower levels should be more evenly spread such that some raiders don't have nearly 3 times as much mana regen as others. As posted on the other thread, we now have this situation - it looks awfully skewed to me!

NB - green backgrounds list clicks available on current SoD raid items, yellow is for current SoD group items.

Mana regenLunar Whispers2Koadic H/Focus5Maelin's M/Mind8Reyfin's R/Musings9Chaotic Enlightenment10Knowledge o/t Past (formerly 11MR)11Knowledge o/t Past (formerly 12MR)19Knowledge o/t Past (formerly 13MR)27
I responded in the other thread where you posted this.

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