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06-08-2009, 11:35 AM
ladwenae2 wrote:

darkpoet29 wrote:

Right. Per my original comments. The min hit of the weapon goes down (absolutely), while the max hit remains the same (though happens less frequently). The average damage is reduced however, per your explanations above.

If you have a 16+4 damage weapon the min damage will act as any 16 damage weapon and any hit done have a chance of getting the elemental damage on top.

I haven't done any testing with corruption damage weapons, but as allready stated the "oldschool" elemental damage will normall only be worth 25% of the value ( IE 4 magic damage will be worth 1 avg damage )

the 25% figure is not true.

an "average" npc has 15-30 in any resist. At 30 resist... the elemental effect will land about 66% of the time... actually improving the damage a bit, since when we do out math we figure them at 50% hit rate.

As people mention all of that damage is added as hate every swing, so it does "increase" hate over the long run.

Now yes. You will encounter NPC's with heightened resists to a certain or all saves. In those cases the damage will be reduced. But this is not the case for the majority of NPC's in the game.

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