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06-05-2009, 07:39 PM
Amaljia wrote:

A couple of things since this "memory thing" got patched. First, it now takes me 2 minutes on each toon to zone. (i ussualy 2box and occasionaly 3box). Second, my husband is now complaining of "freezes" every time he tries to pull a mob. I didn't have such a hard time zoning before, and hubby never had what i like to call the "freeze bug". Our systems are fairly new and we have plenty of ram. I don't know the specifics as i'm not the computer guy; that's my hubby. So whatever you guys added isn't working out for us. We both use wineq for boxing purposes

Can you describe what you mean by "freezes?" Do you mean a small hitch in framerate? Or the client freezing and needing to be killed and re-started? Or something in between?

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