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06-05-2009, 06:24 PM
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I personally would love to see rk 1's, even current ones, researchable, with rk 2 being faction and/or drop, and rk3 obviously raid aquired.

Would be a very nice addition to the game imo.

Can't you just buy those on a vendor? I may be misinformed here... but...

Yup..if you have done the required faction..believe it or not some dont really want to play faction quest. And since you point out how "easy" it is to buy them i turn it around on you and ask...why not make rk1s researchable since they are so easy to aquire anyways?

well there is also the issue that they systematic system does not currently have a way to distinguish between making a rk1 and rk2 spell. I would prefer that it make rk2 spells, and thus would prefer to wait until the "appropriate" time for the rk2.

Sure another or a different component could be added, but the just leads to further complication on an already otherwise complicated system.

Makes sense but i ask...How can it not distinguish between rk 1s and 2s yet later you can make rk2s?....Yet 3s exist....how is a distinction made there?

Seems to me that 1s should have been the researched leaving 2s to be earned. Basically for reasearch the result should have been in fact the rk1.

* I might add that this could have allowed researched spells to keep up to any previous expansion..which would still let people upgrade to a 2 on the previous expansion if they wish thus not obsoleting the previous.

the "Systematic" research system cannot. The spell system certain can.

I am speaking about recipe components. as far as the systematic system is concerned all 3 ranks are exactly the same. I would need a "differentiation" tradeskill component to be able to have tradeskills make the different rank. This is a limitation in tradeskills, not a limitation in spells or items.

Tyvm for the answer. In short i take it...yes you can but due to a very large number of spells and recipes its a heck of alot of work and easier to do 1 exp at a time?

*Also to note i am speaking of changing it so researchers could ONLY make rk1s and make it to previous expansion. It doesnt obsolete older content this way, yet allows basic rk1 spells to be obtained for those who dont want to go the faction way.

I think in the end we would prefer players do the faction. And I would prefer to do RKII http://www.mapfiend.net/eq/images/smilies/3b63d1616c5dfcf29f8a7a031aaa7cad.gif

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