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06-02-2009, 08:37 AM
OK. They have been added. They have been submitted to QA.

I do not want to show a list until QA is done.

I unfortunately will not be taking opinions on moving this or adding that for this set. I fully admit this was a rush job. The Community Leaders gave me much help.

Yes I went with consistent placement. It may be possible in the future to change this on future items, though I do not really see why you want random placement... it seems so painful and counter productive to getting what you want. I don't see how random placement makes it any more "interesting." If it is really what players want, it can be done...

Now, onto the future.

We are not likely to make illusion clickies... at least not illusions for players... I feel that we are already treading too hard on enchanters niche and then there is the LoN factor. We may bring back pet illusions.

I will also be avoiding AOE clicks. As players mentioned they are not fun for other players.

I am willing to hear other ideas for "fun" clicks, as long as fun does not = huge damage/knockback/grief potential/etc. There are a few things reserved for Marketplace/LoN though. Illusions, Nimbuses, Fluff Familiars, and Fireworks. I know this may not be popular, but it is the way of things, and I am sure other ideas can work around these limitations.

For any of the ideas, I will not be making a unilateral decision, but will bring it up with the team. My say here will NOT be final, nor a promise in any way.

I shy away from Proc Buff clicks, though I may be willing to do them, they just will #1 be in slot 1 so have much stacking issues, #2 not be a much additional DPS. If these limitations are acceptable, and if the team agrees, we may be able to go with them.

Arrow summoning sounds ok, though it may not be enough to supply a "combat" amount, just a "pulling" amount. They definitely will not be the "best" arrows. A similar thing can be done for throwing items. Throwing items will continue to have their range issues and will NOT be made huge to match bow and arrow. It is am imposed limitation on throwing weapons that is likely to continue. One cannot throw something as far as a bow can.

More... (http://forums.station.sony.com/eq/posts/list.m?topic_id=151674&post_id=2208579#2208579)