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06-02-2009, 07:25 AM
Coat_and_hat wrote:

76 + weren't put in the game (yet) the stationery doesnt even exist (yet).

I too would like to see the TBS faction locked spells researchable (like they did with LDoN and later DoN) as no one is doing the contect anymore, but maybe in a couple more expansions they will.

Honestly forcing people to faction for rank I's in content that is all but deserted is ridiculous and most just go without.

Don't forget there is also a lot of locked up gear and other misc crap that will never see the light of day again either unless the LDoN , DoN and TBS vendors eventually start accepting coin of the realm.

Devs will never do this. The items in those expansions can rot as far as they are concerned. There would be no purpose in doing the content at all unless rewarded with items no one else could get etc, et al. But, the few who still do the content now arent doing them for the rewards so much as the fun/nostalgia and on occasion the rare drops within the instances.


I *think* TBS is next. I did TSS last expansion, right? (memory! what memory!)

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