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06-01-2009, 09:00 AM
darkpoet29 wrote:

Qutsemnie wrote:

The numbers are modest to the point of useless but the ideas valid.

I mean think about it. Hit rate is independent of whether the attack was triple, double, or first attack as is damage calculations. The +dps of this bonus would be upper bounded by considering the increase versus 1 attack per a swing. Since all these things would drop out of consider when we calculate a proportion, we would be looking at an upper bound for the expectation +.05% dps with the actual increase probably being lower than half that. And that is a percentage. As a proportion it would be upper bounded by +5/10000 or +.0005

Most people don't even recognize the increase of a 1/20th of a percentage point. And if that is what you want then we are arguing about nothing since it won't ever matter for anything really.

The problem is that devs want something to be additive in nature (+X DPS) vice multiplicative and scaling (+Y %). Asking for a % based ability gets us nowhere, except an underpowered ability, which will potentially scale out of control in coming expansions and result in further stagnation.

We have to tailor our requests to a strictly additive ability, like Skill Damage (Z), which will have a constant increase in DPS assuming swing rate remains the same (something devs are doing for the primary melee classes).

I'm not saying his idea isn't valid, but there are issues with it. Specifically with Bards & Beastlords who have low triple attack skills, and would receive too much/little. % based just doesn't work within the confines of what the devs have STATED they want to do.

I did look into triple attack and this is exactly the issue I saw.

Some classes would see HUGE gains, probably more than they should get, while others would see little gain. It does scale non linearly, *but* in a diminishing values way, which though multiplicative tends to not get out of hand because of diminishing values.

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