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06-01-2009, 09:00 AM
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Dev-Ngreth wrote:

They are there for if we can find a way to improve those lines that is not overpowering.

Any idea just how many more months that will take ?

This is exactly like the SoD clickies, unfinished content.

Considering we are more then halfway to next expansion launch, and these core aspects of itemesation are STILL not adressed, one has to wonder if the current EQ dev crew can actually maintain EQ in a decent way.

Probably just me though.

I want a beta. Something with more than "parsing" to get a "real" testing of effects. So quite a few months.

Sir, you have an entire Test server at your disposal to self-learn this stuff. The test population (I believe) would be eager to assist you. I cannot imagine your dilema, to have such a massive weight of responsibility thrown on you, but I do envy the data you now have access to. Sounds like great fun to be honest.

To admit you want a beta (to me) is admitting you either don't plan on doing anything until next beta, or you have strong reason to believe you won't be allowed to do stuff until next beta. I find either scenario extremely disheartening because this is admission of the end of click & worn effect upgrades...because unless you are baby jesus himself there is no way you can possibly figure this all out and do anything worth releasing during the short beta period. And we all know having a new release for people to buy will be priority #1 through #10.

Again, please use the test server. I bet you could get a hundred bleeding edge warriors to test copy for you just for the purpose of providing extensive tests.

While theoretically possible... it has some issues. And It adds the fact that I would now need time outside of normal to get together with players to give them weapons that will not normally be available (the PoK vendors show the risk of trying a server only vendors) while during a beta cycle I will have time put aside for testing. It is really not as easy as it sounds to get together with players to give them items.

Plus during a beta, there are nearly daily patches to work with where I can continuously make adjustments, I can even bring a series of zones down to update "on the fly" (though this being spells... I cannot do that. Even on beta spells have to wait for a full patch) while on test it can be weeks between patches..

More... (http://forums.station.sony.com/eq/posts/list.m?topic_id=151437&post_id=2207750#2207750)