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06-01-2009, 09:00 AM
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Dev-Ngreth wrote:

brd wrote:

Dev-Ngreth wrote:

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Dev-Ngreth wrote:

They are there for if we can find a way to improve those lines that is not overpowering.

Any idea just how many more months that will take ?

This is exactly like the SoD clickies, unfinished content.

Considering we are more then halfway to next expansion launch, and these core aspects of itemesation are STILL not adressed, one has to wonder if the current EQ dev crew can actually maintain EQ in a decent way.

Probably just me though.

I want a beta. Something with more than "parsing" to get a "real" testing of effects. So quite a few months.

They are SoD items. We had a SoD beta.

If you need yet another beta to evaluate these items, by the time the upgrade to them comes, I'll be close to upgrading the item, meaning this has effectively been a 100% waste of DKP.

Thanks for confirming my idea that the current EQ dev crew simply cannot keep up with basic aspects of the game.

ps. Don't take this personal, I hope you are aware that I do appreciate your work, overall. That doesn't however change the above stated facts. Many of us are waiting for SoD clickies also.

I was not Item dev at the time. I am now doing these items. I want to do something about it, but I need a real players, not just a parse dummy. I really do not want to introduce something too powerful, have players get used to it for a month then pull it back. So I want to actually TEST it not "beta it live" like we are accused of doing so often.

When I or Aristo are assigned time to do the SoD clickies we will look into them, but we need to have time assigned to do it.

True, it would be bad introducing something too powerful.

BUT, what is to prevent you from putting in the click's that was in SoF?

Example, in Gear linked cloak from SoF with Illusionary spikes, you would put same click into cloak of darkest night.

Then upgrade it with right click, when you find it.

Those click are in the game atm, so they not deemed too powerful there, so should also not be too powerful if put on SoD items, correct ?

It still takes time. I and Aristo are new to Items. We need time to figure out what the effects are, where they belong, which goes at which tier... etc... it takes time. We need to have time assigned to us.

That said. I weaseled in some time (by finishing another project early), AND I am doing some overtime to get clicks on SoD items. I do *NOT* know if it will make it in the June or July patch. I WILL be using mostly existing clicks, I will not be making new ones. There a re a few "unused" ones already made. I **MAY** (maybe, possibly, not sure, not promising... am I clear here that I am not promising or guaranteeing?) upgrade a few of them, including some of the ones currently on SoF gear, because they are lacking. Some of them are fine, some of them are not. I will not be having a conversation about which ones are upgraded and which ones are not. It is mostly the mana/hp regen ones that are behind. The others seem ok. Geomancy seems a bit off, though it will still be of limited use to tanks.

**NOTE** I am specifically talking about clicks, and not ferocity like this thread is about. Ferocity still needs some full testing to be upgradable.

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