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06-01-2009, 08:23 AM
I_love_peanuts wrote:

Pornthaw wrote:

lol i also find it funny that the dev had no clue to what the weapon in the primary hand was lol. Pretty sure it was the only one with that look and it was a really popular weapon.

I think he came onto the team much, much later than Kunark. Why would the tradeskills dev know about an old obscure weapon? And I'm pretty sure theres a 2hs in VP with the same graphic

I even had a wurmslayer.

What I was not sure is if that had never been used as a graphic on any other weapon, and that that one specifically was the wurmslayer. I certainly do not know the looks of every weapon in the game.

And I did not remember off the top of my head that that was the wormslayer, and my description of hands is enough to get my point across. I will be first to admit my memory is not the best.

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