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05-29-2009, 11:51 AM
Frobus wrote:

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Dev-Ngreth wrote:

They are there for if we can find a way to improve those lines that is not overpowering.

How about adding some kind of overcap +atk to it? (Not a %, just a flat +20-30atk or whatever, per level)

It wouldn't be "omg uber" but it would at least make it some kind of an upgrade.

not sure we have a spell effect that allows that? But in the end I think that is another multiplicative effect :/ I would have to research it.

I suppose you maybe could call it a multiplicative effect, but unless you added a *lot* of attack (or attack that was somehow better than current spell attack is), it wouldn't be enough to worry about. I'd be the first to argue that something like 30 attack would be far too little, unless of course it was "more effective" attack somehow.

I've been doing some parses looking at the ranger attack buffs. I have rank III of both yowl and tracker, totalling 329 attack. I've compiled about 8 hours so far comparing my dps with and without the buffs, and so far it's beeing looking pretty solid like it's roughly a 3% difference. So if 329 attack = 3% more dps, you'd have to go pretty crazy for it to get out of hand.

that *is* multiplicative. yes it is small.

WHen the damage is 100, sure that is only 3, but if it is 100 it is 30, and if crazy 10000 it is 300. If I want to add 100DPS doing it with a multiplier is not the way to do it, because sure is it 100DPS now, but in the future that may be 1000DPS.

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