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05-29-2009, 11:51 AM
littlebags wrote:

Dev-Ngreth wrote:

I have made a request for the Obliteration Weapons, sold in the marketplace, to have particle effects added to them.

There is a new set coming soon to the Marketplace, for the Army of Light, that I think look excellent. There may be images of them in an eqplayers article tomorrow.

Additionally, since I know players are concerned, I have asked for 120 new weapon/shield graphics JUST for use in the game, not for Marketplace or Legends of Norrath. There will continue to be new ones made just for those two, but we felt that the game itself deserved some new weapon graphics. Additionally, some of those new weapon graphics will have particle effects.

As for "quality" well, there will always be varying opinions on these. Something we think looks great, the players may dislike. Some things we think are just OK, sometimes players love. (And yes we need "ok" for the "basic" weapons, so that "great" can be for the special weapons)

And as an aside, I am asking that new two handers be made larger.

Does the new 120 weapon/shield some with particle effects include high end groups zones or just raid?

particles will probably not be on drops. It *may* be on quested items though.

This does not mean that the non raid items will be made to be purposefully "ugly" they will just be more plain. We want the raid items to stand out. Some of them are planed to look the same, just the raid version has two metals and particles or glow (it may not be a particle as much as a glow effect in some cases)

Nothing is set in stone with where things will drop.

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