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05-29-2009, 11:51 AM
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quote: "The only raid weapon that is truly unique (I think?) is the Soulsunder H2H... and it uses the wrong attack animation (It uses the 1HP animation instead of the H2H animation)."


Well screw me. lol

Ok, there are no unique Tower weapons that I know of then.

The Raxtki the Skitterer Render has an unique graphic. It's a copy of the LON version but it's blue instead of Red.

The Skulltutor has an unique graphic, it just looks god awful

The Fateslayer has an unique graphic, but it also looks god awful.


All of the weapons from the Tower look god awful. I wouldn't call " God Awful looking end game weapons, and group level weapons " and " Excellent looking Station Cash weapon molds " a coincidence at all.

call or not call it what you wish.

It is a coincidence.

Part of the coincidence is a new items Dev... Yes I admit to not doing anything about the looks of the SoD weapons. But I am not planing on repeating the mistakes.

What mistake would that be ? Is it that time-intensive to recycle some older, much beter looking models ?

Fateslayer look is a massive dissapointment for an expansion boss' weapon.

Some stuff like skull tutor is just plain hideous, doubt you'll find many that like this model.

I didn't realise item dev was also in charge of designing models.

That puts you on tradeskills, itemesation, models, .. what else ?

just item models.

drag icons.

some content when I have time.

fishing / foraging.

cash loot

More... (http://forums.station.sony.com/eq/posts/list.m?topic_id=149182&post_id=2206714#2206714)